This essentially removes the 750 ms cap as it is lowered immediately after being reached. At the moment, there are 4 Dimensions, but the growth is more than n^4 while you are active as you are also buying more. Spend your EP on Time Theorems. In most browsers, those key combinations open the developer console. With these generated Time Theorems, you will eventually gain access to the Time Studies that unlock TD5-8, which are extremely powerful, and will make your numbers skyrocket. Go for 100M IP 1e1100 Antimatter to unlock the new dimension. (Your Antimatter Galaxies are reset on Infinity.). When you Dimension Shift, your first X dimensions gain a 2x boost, where X is how many Dimension Shifts (or boosts) you have, until all dimensions are being boosted, and then they'll just stay that way. Antimatter Galaxies reset everything, but give a nice boost, so it's worth it. This should be easy. Subreddit dedicated for the game Antimatter Dimensions, Press J to jump to the feed. Eternity without buying Antimatter Dimensions 1-7. By this point, you will have about 10 infinities and your fastest time should be around 11 minutes if you're active. ]], ** Likewise, [[spoiler:Infinity Challenge 5 when initially unlocked requires good micromanagement. Used to be on the right of study 11, but room had to be made for study 12 in the Nameless Ones' reality. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Infinity Point generation based on fastest infinity. Antimatter Dimensions is a text-based Idle Game created by Hevipelle, that was originally launched on May 3rd, 2016. You can maybe skip TS192 for more time studies. The rewards for finishing the Eternity Challenges will help in how much EP and progress you make. Study 181 is very powerful, as you will get a lot of IP very fast without having to Big Crunch, which is why it is required for EC4x5. Privacy Policy. Antimatter Dimensions is an Idle Incremental game with multiple layers of unlocks, prestige, and achievements. The fix infinity button just unbreaks infinity so it's useless unless you are farming your number of infinities. Additional 4 multiplier to Infinity Points gained from Big Crunch. Just grind to 20 X+4th dimensions the same way as before, then when you have 20 8th Dimensions, you will not be able to Dimension Shift again (Spoiler Alert: There's never gonna be a 9th dimension). Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter on your keyboard in a single session in that order with no other key presses in between. It have several Prestige layers, bunch of upgrades, achievements, optimization. 0.00% Ultra Rare - 0.0 EXP. <1 minute in the current Eternity, while Dilated. Fail eternity challenges 10 times without refreshing. The popup only appears when offline for over 1000 seconds (16:40) on web. The slower it's generally going, the longer it will take to regain production after doing a dimensional sacrifice. Have 569 Antimatter Galaxies, and 0 Replicanti Galaxies. With some waiting, you can get 500 300 IP for the last one. Getting this achievement will give multiplier to IP based on infinities, which will be important in some cases. Study 181 is also important for getting the achievement "Like feasting on a behind" (as explained later in the guide). You can also simply set your notation to True Blind and reload the game. The achievement's name and image was changed around 2 days after the "This update sucks" update. The original requirement was to complete ECs 1-10 5 times. You should be able to push your fastest infinity time down to 30-35 ms. You may have to wait a while. x4 Infinity Point gain, and increase the multiplier for buying 10 Antimatter Dimensions by +0.1. Even if you complete the challenge, matter will continue rising. With enough IP multiplier, you can get this achievement. Permanently gain back all Antimatter Dimension autobuyers. Internally called "Minute of infinity" on web. Check how much IP you will get on crunch when you are at your peak IP/min. Crunch for 1e200 IP with 2 sec in this Infinity. On web, these are Standard, Bracket, and Cancer notations. Crunch in at most 3 minutes in Challenge 9. Have all equipped Glyphs be Music Glyphs. Multiplier to Infinity Points based on Infinities. Note that you are supposed to grind during the challenge, not outside of the challenge. Everything pre-reality that may be different because of the reality update (to update as I find more) and their effects on what is said in this guide, Section 1 - under 1e308 antimatter (pre infinity), Section 3 - 66 K to 1e140 IP (Breaking Infinity), Section 4 - 1e140 to 1e308 IP (Replicantis), Section 6: 100 Qa to 1e1300 EP (Eternity Challenges), Section 7: 1e1300 to 1e4000 EP (Time Dilation). Gain 2x Dilated Time and Time Theorems while Dilated. Click on the "Buy more" button (web: donate link). Gain more IP based on amount of antimatter you had when crunching. Since ECs vary in difficulty, you will have to use different paths in the tree and different strategies. You will start getting antimatter per second. Replicanti galaxies divide your replicanti by 1.8e308. Make sure to do that from time to time until all your challenge times are 0.1 seconds or less. This means you only get 1 galaxy and only buy dimension boosts up to the one for 56, which is optimal. When you break infinity, you will unlock a new tab with many notable upgrades, and be able to go beyond e308 Antimatter (but you must disable your big crunch autobuyer). Note that 11 has a fail state, but matter rises so slow that you shouldn't worry. Also, you can complete EC6x5 before/after this point. Once you have done this, start the new challenge you will have unlocked (Infinity Challenge 1). Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a2dbc7998d7f7e0 At exactly 2 hours and around 11 minutes of idling with no dimensions/infinities (usavictor's experience) with this time studies tree layout of 11,21,22,31,32,33,41,42,51,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,123,133,143,151,162,171,161,181|0, you will finally get the achievement, at 1e100 IP. In the web version, the description for the reward is "Reduces starting tick interval by 2%.". Each first dimension provides you with antimatter, each second dimension . Once you have done that, go to the newly unlocked infinity dimensions subtab under dmiensions buy the first infinity dimension for 100 M IP. Try to keep infinity points (IP) on hand for the multiplier to first dimensions based on unspent IP. Your browser is not supported. Next, get 1e71 IP, and do IC4. Keep trying to get as much EP as you can on a single run, and it should gradually be an increasing income. You'll get this automatically once your Replicanti are upgraded enough. If you want to keep doing progress, import this build in Time Studies tab: (At this point, you should have a time studies setup like this), 11,21,31,41,51,22,32,42,33,61,62,73,83,93,103,111,123,133,143,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,201,72,82,92,102,222,224,225,228,232,234|0. This achievement switched positions with "Eternities are the new Infinity" (now 113) in the Reality Update. When you have another 500 TT, switch 222 for 228 then get 234. Finally, buy everything costing 1e16 EP or less - by this time you should have 10 rows of achievements done, giving your TDs an effective 57.6x multiplier. Hold 8 until its price maxes out. This is also beneficial, because there is an eternity upgrade that increases based on eternities - the fact that EC1's unlock requirement is eternities, was meant to tell you that you should get that upgrade's power up anyway. which may come at random. - Autobuyers work twice as fast: Will make holding M completely useless. This leaves 2 and 9. All times are in seconds. Zero Deaths Get to Infinity without Dimension Boosts or Antimatter Galaxies while in a Normal Challenge. Don't forget to go for another dilated run each time you buy a x3 tachyon multiplier, as well as focusing on normal runs every now and then for more EP, which will help you a lot when you go back to dilated runs. These numbers can be tweaked a bit if needed, but they should be pretty close if this configuration alone doesn't work, keep replicant count up just in case. When buying tickspeed, everything with the same cost increases. All Antimatter Dimensions are stronger in the first 3 minutes of Infinities. Before doing it, respec studies, set your eternity autobuyer to 1, do 10 quick eternities (To max study 121), then choose the active (left path), and then do the run. ", as the game is coded in a different language (Java/Kotlin) and access to a console is not possible without developer tools. While doing this, you can complete the following achievements (these are just the ones you need something special for): You have now reached the 2nd 3-way split of the time study tree. Disable auto replicanti galaxies, and buy regular galaxies. Before you eternity, get one more achievement: - I brake for nobody: Disable your Dimension Boost autobuyer and set Max Galaxies to as many as you can get in under 20 seconds, and do it close to the very end of this section, with your big crunch autobuyer set to 1e250 IP. But, when they reach this point, you can reset them for a galaxy while not increasing the cost of normal galaxies. In addition, some achievements have their own rewards. This is because you finished the first row of achievements. Reinstalled the game and rejoined the server. Hold R during the run to get your RGs. Cookie Notice - Zero deaths: After unlocking the 2nd infinity dimension this will be easy just turn off your dimension boost autobuyer and don't buy any dimension boosts and enter any challenge. For infinity upgrades, get the "Increase the multiplier per 10 dimensions to 2.2x" upgrade, then all 4 of the "Multiplier to dimensions based on infinitied stat" upgrades (Infinitied Stat is under Statistics -> How many times you've infinitied), then the "Decrease the reset costs by 9" upgrade, then the "Galaxies are twice as effective" upgrade. After you complete this achievement, you can do other things, like grinding for EP. This is impossible in the 5e11 IP to eternity stage due to the sheer multipliers to 1st dimensions. 1st Antimatter Dimensions are 50% stronger. Antimatter Galaxies are twice as effective. Buy everything costing 100 B IP or less, then buy the 2nd level of ID1. However, the ones provided in the cell are the ones intended to be imported by the developers. If you are going to use the waiting method, it is time consuming, so you should choose the Automatic Big Crunch challenge to complete the achievement, as it is faster and requires less waiting. Get 10 Replicanti Galaxies in 15 seconds. "Do you really need a guide for this? (Mobile) Have 1e90 IP, and 0 infinities. Next, get 222 again then finally 226. When you big crunch, you can do another normal run, but it is recommended to go to challenges and start Challenge 8, or the 8th dimension autobuyer challenge. Your goal is to produce as much antimatter as possible by purchasing dimensions. On Android, select "Time study numbers ON" in Options. ** In terms of early-game achievements, "Zero Deaths" is one of the most difficult and time-consuming to obtain [[spoiler:before you get Infinity Dimensions]]. EC9 will be another challenge that will have a problem with TS181 when you first buy it, but that will be explained later on. You will gain a few million orders of magnitude and that is it. (PC) Removes the downsides from Time Study 131 and 133 in the Active and Idle Time Study paths. However, there is a Time Study, which makes this much easier, and allowing you to get it automatically without any strategy eventually. Ok so now you've done all the challenges, you can use autobuyers. You should now have e15 EP and be close to the end of this section. When buying tickspeed, everything with the same cost increases. if you have not yet infinitied. You will start getting antimatter per second. Actually, super easy! Click to reveal The endgame is not far from here (possibly just a couple days away), which "starts" to begin at 1e1300 EP (actual endgame period is later on during dilation). At this point until start of next section, focus on upgrading autobuyers with IP, and upgrading the bulk buy and interval on all of them. But, it's not that complicated. O snap. Do it over and over again at 2x, until it gets faster (because you keep your tickspeed upgrades on sacrifice), then once the sacrifice multiplier gets to 2x almost instantly you will be able to do it at 3x, then 4x, then 10x, then you will inflate to infinity. A lot of the stuff on this guide is taken or directly copied from there. (Mobile) Entire ticker must be viewed to be "encountered". "8 nobody got time for that": Turn off dimension autobuyers 1-7. Other than that, use this strategy for IC5, which is an edited version of an old strategy updated for reality, but note that the challenge is MUCH easier now than it used to be: After this, the reward for IC5 is very powerful so you will jump to 1e100 IP fast.
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