He is under contract through 2024, and this week he said the end of his career will be a "beautiful mystery.". He looked, asked aroundnothing. You just wanted to hang on and hold a clipboard., Favre was 35 by the time the season concluded on Jan. 9, 2005, with the Wild Card defeat to the Vikings (he played terribly, throwing four interceptions). Who do you think is the better quarterback? The 25-year-old impressed his teammates, opponents, and the media after reaching a career-best with a completion percentage (69.2%), passing touchdowns (37), and passing yards (4,544). If he wanted to miss a practice? If Brett Favre is right about Aaron Rodgers' future, this is going to be a big reason why. Many of these deficiencies were attributed to Jeff Tedford, Rodgers head coach at Cal. When the final whistle blew on a horrific 4-12 campaign, it was presumed (rightly) that Mike Sherman would be fired and presumed (wrongly) that Favre would retire to a life of tractor rides and hunting trips. For even more softball training, check out softball video library. As a Bears fan, I watched more Cutler throws than a physician might suggest, and theres no denying that the dude had a missile launcher on his right shoulder. Arm: 30 3/4'' Hand: 9 . 9. Because he played quarterback for an off-the-map school in an off-the-map corner of California, Rodgerswho threw for 4,421 yards in two seasons as a prep starterreceived no Division I scholarship offers. One could argue he had already earned that title when he was traded to the Jets a year earlier. Three running backs, three wide receivers and three cornerbacks rounded out the Top 10. He held the ball up by his ear as he surveyed the field, and his delivery was far from fluid. Favre won the award three consecutive years from 1995-97. Most importantly, strongest arm and best arm are not the same. Rodgers, on the other hand, immediately impressed the scribe. Rodgers has completed 350 of his 542 throws for a completion percentage of 64.6%. Its something that you have to work on. I looked up to him. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. The veterans viewed Rodgers as an unwelcomed intruder (I was friends with Craig Nall and [quarterback] J.T. The locker room had once been a place of laughter and jokes and farts and stink bombs. My favorite, though, has nothing to do with whos the best either in NFL history or in the game today. 10. Pace wise, Rodgers is past Favre's numbers after 9 full seasons as the starter. Still, it brings up the question. I'll start off with a common attribute that is frequently looked for when scouting quarterbacks: arm strength. When Rodgers is in more awkward or more compromised spots, that left leg acts as a steadying mechanism to create that balance I was discussing earlier. Their numbers are both impressive. But there was no taking it back. Rodgers was Favre's equal when it came to arm strength, and he was already, as a rookie, a far better decision maker. 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In16 seasonswithGreen Bay, Rodgers ownsa 126-63-1 record as a starter. Favre has twice as many. In three years, hes already made it to league MVP voting, finishing second behind Aaron Rodgers. As Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to feign general ignorance as to the necessity of a decision about his future, there's a very specific path he potentially could take. Rob Demovsky, who covered the team for ESPN, asked Rodgers whether he had hung out with Favre. 15 3730 63.4 25 13 91.4, Favre That game, played on Monday night, included John Madden, Favres most vocal public supporter through the years, speaking as if the quarterback were a hapless Muhammad Ali boxing Larry Holmes in their ugly 1980 mismatch. Come back daily for basketball training videos and drills from some of the nations top basketball programs and advice from professional coaches and trainers. I made a mistake in giving Mike both jobs. People felt loyal to Brett, because in Green Bay he was a football God, Tomlinson said. They then dropped the next three to start 0-4 for the first time in 17 years. Through the years, the men signed to back Favre had been a mixed bag of seasoned veterans (Ken OBrien, Jim McMahon, David Klingler, Steve Bono, Tim Couch) and unspectacular-yet-useful youngsters (Ty Detmer, Doug Pederson, Craig Nall). Rodgers scored a 1310 on the SATs and graduated Pleasant Valley High with an A- average. I wanted cohesion for the franchise, he said. The first Super Bowl that I can remember was 49ers-Chargers in early 1995, and the first time I saw Favre play live was on a miserable Halloween night at Soldier Field a few months earlier. Im not looking at you. He was a jerk. Robin Lundberg. No disrespect, it's just 5 of the best QBs ever Jeff Pearlman istheNew York Times best-selling author of seven books. The link between the two has been fascinating. Those throws against Cover 2 were a staple of the NFL during the back half of Favres career, but theres a significant difference between the way Peyton Manning hit them and the way Favre would. At this point . The garment was passed to Brett in the team meeting, and he could not stop laughing. Here's how Rodgers' career numbers would shake out next to Favre's: Rodgers: 63.7%, 482 TDs, 98 INTs, 228.7 pass YPG, 97.8 rating. . Nothing even slightly kind. After the Golden Bears lost to Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl, Rodgers declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft. You have to fight. Rodgers entered the game late and struggled. If you ask Rodgers about his mechanics today, hes quick to point out how vital a role his lower half plays. Tedford had a history of coaching quarterbacks who put up eye-popping numbers in college yet fizzled out in the NFL. Every so often the team placed varied items on a locker room table for the players to sign. Excluding their 51-29 drubbing at the hands of the Saints, theyve lost theirlast six games by a total of 18 points, losing all six in the fourth quarter. At the time of this writing, Rodgers has 23 passing touchdowns to just one interception on the season. He only spent one season in the NFL, but Brock is known as one of the greatest passers who participated in the league. From 1994 to 1998, he put together five straight seasons with at least 3,800 yards and 30 touchdowns and was rewarded with three straight MVPs during that stretch (95, 96, and 97). Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel became the first local scribe to push for Favre to hang it up, noting that the leagues oldest starting quarterback had to ask himself, what motivation would [I] have to play a 14th season with a slipping organization? Donald Driver, the veteran wide receiver and Favres friend, told the Arizona Republic, I think hes had enough. Then hed throw his hands up. Rodgers can lead the Packers to an NFC championship victoryatLambeau Field. Of the 21 teams picking ahead of Green Bay,12 were about to take a quarterback salary cap hit in excess of $2.4 million for 2005. Hart was one of the first registered cannons the NFL ever saw. Also Favre has almost 150 more TDS than Rodgers does with 508 and 364 respectively. Rodgers followed up the Super Bowl-winning season in 2011 with one of the best seasons by a quarterback in NFL history. Rodgers has surpassed this mark in eight different seasons. middle of his chest and his throwing shoulder, Aaron Rodgers Reveals the Number One Trait Quarterbacks Need to Be Successful, Why Aaron Rodgers is Now Eating Like Tom Brady, 5 Attributes College Coaches Look For in a Quarterback, ZMA: Heres What the Research Really Suggests. If we put someones real helmet out there. The next morning Rodgers arrived at the facility and could not locate his helmet. Learn best practices from athletes who have achieved success and the experts who have helped them. He's done that with thethirdhighest passer rating of all time (103.9). Rodgers has yet to officially make a decision on if he even plans to play in 2023 and was going to use a four-day darkness retreat to . Take these two throws, both of which show Rodgers making a downfield toss as hes stepping up in the pocket. Packers David Bakhtiari And Corey Linsley On Holding, Shaving, Loving Well, Not Loving, Packers Clay Matthews On His NFL DNA and His Hair, Can I Trust Larry Johnson Again? Green Bay has the 24th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, but Favre isn't quite ready to welcome their first-round selection, a quarterback from Cal, to the team. Check out this rocket from Green Bays 2002 victory over the Bears in Champaign, Ill. Sixty yards on a dime, and Favre puts so much oomph into it that he nearly falls over. Answer (1 of 33): Did John Elway or Brett Favre have a stronger arm than the other? As mentioned earlier, he's patient and doesn't normally try to force the ball into coverage unless absolutely necessary. Rodgers earned NFL MVP honors again in 2014. In addition to off-season lacrosse workouts, youll find plenty of on-the-field drill for all lacrosse positions. One quarterback would go first, the other shortly thereafter. When he arrived in camp, Chris Samp, a rookie free agent wide receiver from Winona State, couldnt wait to work with his hero, ol No. Now hopefully he watches me and gets something from that., From that first day, Favre did nothing to help Rodgers and much to hurt and ridicule him. Allen led the Bills to a first-place finish with a 13-3 record in the AFC East last season. 15 3239 67.0 21 19 84.0. Brett Favre: The canon hand broke many fingers and gave Favre the nickname the old gunslinger for his exceptionally strong arm. Favre's bid for a repeat in Super Bowl XXXII fell short in a 31-24 loss to Denver. A couple of weeks after the draft, Dylan Tomlinson of Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers was sent 90 miles northeast of Sacramento to Chico, California, to visit with Aaron Rodgers for a profile. Use without license or authorization is expressly prohibited. Maybe the strongest . The problem, however, was that they were tough to find. so says Brett Favre, who made it clear his former teammate ain't bluffing about a . Rodgers is 5-2 at Lambeau Field heading into Sunday's matchup with the Buccaneers. Now merely a head coach (and a disgruntled one at that), Sherman allowed Favre to skip the workouts, but that didnt mean he would not attend. I dont know if they become good pro players. Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Although he never won a Super Bowl, his powerful arm deserves recognition. He worked out for an hour, and every ball he threw was caught, Rossley said. Rodgers have been the subject of endless comparisons since Rodgers took over as the starting quarterback in the 2008 season. Until recently, that is. Rodgers' mechanics left a lot to be desired . I watched [former Ravens quarterback] Kyle Bollers Cal workout, and he got on his knees at the 50 and threw one over the goalpost. Rodgers, almost by design, keeps his right arm fairly close to his body, even when hes trying to put extra zip on the ball. My contract doesnt say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play, Favre told ESPN. This allowed him to better recruit his lower half into throws, increasing his rotational power and making his delivery much more fluid. Who the hell are you?, When asked by reporters about meeting the legend, Rodgers failed to mention the foible. Rodgers has a more cool, calm demeanor, but isn't necessarily the biggest leader on his own team. Take your game to the next level with softball drills and workouts at STACK.com. After a hard play fake, Rodgers rolls out to his left, drifts a bit, and launches a perfectly placed throw right into Lazards outstretched hands. Coming out of Cal, Rodgers had nice mechanics, but his tendency to hold the ball so high sometimes hindered the arc on his deep ball. This is probably Favre's biggest weakness and one of Rodgers' fortes. Youll find the basketball workouts and drills youre looking for to take your game to the next level. Rodgers ranksseventhin TDs (412)and 11th in passing yards (51,245) and. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers meet after the Minnesota Vikings beat the Packers 30-23 in an NFL . When it comes to accuracy, arm power and creativity, theres simply no other quarterback who can do what Rodgers can with the football. Stafford has never moved around the way Mahomes or Rodgers can to create big plays, and thats really the only thing holding him back in this debate. Rodgers is tough. Favre vs. Rodgers: Career Stats Comparison. Interview w/Packers Greg Jennings Better QB, Favre or Rodgers? After a few seasons, he's now become the game's best QB. If we were searching for the strongest arm, hed certainly have a case. First-round draft choices are expensive, and first-round quarterbacks tend to be very expensive. Favres career highlights include two Super Bowl appearances including a victory over the New England Patriots in 1996, a three-time league MVP (1995, 1996, 1997), three All-Pro honors, and 11 Pro Bowls. Jim Hart: Hart completed a record of 98 yards passing in the air, as his throws seemed to leave a vapor trail.. But what followedstrange. Fucking Wonderlic score, Favre mumbled. Even as Favre crept into his 40s during his stint with the Vikings, he was still throwing the ball hard enough to knock over his receivers. Favre could put so much velocity behind those balls that the loft typically needed was no longer important. It was never ending. He's got a good running back who takes a lot of the pressure off him, they throw a lot of screens and dump balls. Working on shoulder strength and lifting weights offers upper body strength. Back in 1991 he lasted into the fifth round before being picked by San Francisco. Rodgers can put the ball to virtually any spot on the field, no matter where he is or which direction hes moving. Through STACK, youll find the explosive workouts, conditioning and full-body strength training you need to get bigger, faster and stronger on the lacrosse field. Hes not even good. Which was laughablehe was real good.), but the younger players felt his sense of urgency, and responded. Brett Favre was 35 when the Packers drafted 21-year-old Aaron Rodgers with a first-round draft choice in 2005. Rodgers is officially back, and his revenge tour has included the sorts of absurd throws that have always set him apart. Javascript is required for the selection of a player. On this particular day one of the things to be autographed was a replica Packers helmet. Not much, Rodgers said. But, just being honest, I couldnt stand him.. I think so. One of my favorite throws from Mahomes young career came during Kansas Citys Week 6 loss to the Patriots in 2018. Favre hit 14 of 27 passes for 246 yards and two TDs. Rodgers has surpassed that mark in four separate seasons. Other than Mahomes, no other quarterback in the NFL does a better job of changing his arm angle to pull off crazy throws in the pocket. 12 dealt with a far different approach from previous signal-caller Brett Favre. Q&A With Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Tara Emerson, Dry Land Strength Workout For Swimmers And Divers, How To Effectively Motivate Your Athletes, French Contrast Method Program, Routines, and Exercises. In the 230 contests in his career, Rodgers has been successful on 5,001 of his 7,660 attempts for 59,055 yds. It involves harnessing your power and off-setting your arm as much as possible.. So robotic. Thats how he came off. No QB during that stretch has been better at making a football do precisely what he wants it to. Favre was liable to do anything. Its not the most thrilling play from the Mahomes library, but it might be one of the most notable. When it came down to it, the game lived and died by No.4. Rodgers has more than held his own since he was named the starter in 2008. 4,002 passing yards 26 touchdowns 4 interceptions (led NFL in INT %)Watch @AaronRodgers12's 2019 season highlights.#GoPackGo pic.twitter.com/d7lBfgNZ7i. 1. There are a few reasons behind that. EDITOR'S NOTE:In this excerpt from Jeff Pearlman's upcoming release,GUNSLINGER: The Remarkable, Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre,the story picks up as thelegendary Packers quarterback has finished a disappointing 10-6 regular season and a Wild Card Game loss to the division-rival Minnesota Vikings. Knowing how insecure he is, I think hell give you a lot of shit.. Apr 30, 2020. In hindsight, much of it had to do with a cold-footed reaction to negative scouting reports. Though but 21, he was clearly more intelligent and probing than Favre. Rodgers tied Favre's franchise record of 442 TD passes on Sunday when he threw three in a 31-30 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Robert previously covered the NFL and hosted podcasts for Grantland, The Ringer and The MMQB. (Getty) Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has his team back in the NFC Championship Game, on an improbable run of eight wins in a . Theyve lost their last four games by atotal of 14 points, all due to the defenses inability to close out games. From New Englands 1-yard line, Mahomes took a shotgun snap, drifted to his left, and dropped a rainbow to Hill in the back corner of the end zone. Favre is more intense, but had fun with what he did and the team knew that their quarterback was going to control the team. Still, it's hard to ignore Rodgers' efficiency. His TD rate when attempting a pass is 6.2% and his interception percentage is 1.4%. Dress away from the teammates? As Aaron Rodgers still ponders a decision on his playing future, he says he doesn't want to do what Brett Favre did back in 2008. For this exercise, I only included players who were drafted in 1990 or later. He wanted to win whether it was polite or not. Oftentimes, after completing a pass against the defense in practice, Rodgers let loose an inane celebratory dance, where he would slide his right foot forward while pretending to roll a dice with his right hand. Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Brett Favre John Elway Dan Marino Steve Young Deshaun Watson . The new kids were largely about highlights, headlines, attention. Antonio Brown President of Donda Sports, Posts Fake Super Bowl Receipt For Clout, Sam Wyche On Grooming Joe Montana, Meeting Bill Walsh, THRASHING Jerry Glanville, How Mike Brown Fired Him, King of the Court 8th Grade Champion Hasnt Given Up Yet, Super Bowl Party Ideas From 3x Champ STINK SCHLERETH, Website, Branding, and SEO by Wandering Eye Marketing. His TD percentage when attempting a pass was 3.1% and his interception percentage was 5.3%. Aaron, he said, this is yours ., Rodgers wanted to vanish. A second Super Bowl victory, however, could be the ultimate trump card. Favre had an8-3 record at Lambeau Field in thepostseason. Its the reason that Rodgers can somehow deliver precise, smoking throws on the move hes able to stop the movement in one part of his body to help create movement in another. Rodgers has thrown 475 touchdowns while tossing 105 interceptions and the longest pass of his career went for 93 yds. Favrefinished 1-1 in Super Bowl appearances. He read defenses like a 12-year veteran and stayed in the pocket without cowering. It was like, Grandpa? Seriously? There was Xbox to play. Favre had a 160-93 record as a starter in Green Bayover 16 memorable seasons. The new quarterback approached the old quarterback and uttered what will forever go down as the worst introductory line in the history of professional sports. The way that Mahomes uses his arm allows him to make throws that other guys just cant. Stathead: Baseball's Most Powerful Search Tool, Stathead: Basketball's Most Powerful Research Tool, Stathead: Football's Most Powerful Research Tool, Stathead: Hockey's Most Powerful Research Tool, Watch our How-To Videos to Become a Stathead, Subscribe to Stathead and get access to more data than you can imagine. Favre threw for 508 TDs compared to 336 interceptions and the longest pass of his career went for 99 yards. 12 over the weekend. It's entertaining to read answers by people who clearly never actually saw one of the two subjects here actually throw a ball in person posting responses to this question, as if ther. Otherwise, every signal caller brought to town was there solely to provide support. Rodgers became the fifth quarterback since the NFL-AFL merger to make five conference championship appearances. The Bills QB might have the strongest arm in the NFL, and if he keeps playing like he has through the first three weeks of the season, he could force his way into the conversation before long. Bob Harlan, the team president, initially promoted Sherman to coach and general manager when Ron Wolf left before the 2001 season. Its not natural. Ah, the high drama of the NFL. You have to compete. He finished 24 of 39 passing for 309 yards and three TDs. GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 15: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers shares a moment with former quarterback Brett Favre during a ceremony for the late Bart Starr at halftime of the . Favre threw for 11 TDs in his last season compared to 19 picks and his longest pass of the year went for 53 yards. Madden 22 ranks Allen of the Buffalo Bills on the top list. He was always a dick to him.. In his first at bat, Rodgers clubbed a home run and skipped and hopped around the bases. Favre has thrown for over 71k yards while Rodgers has thrown for almost 47k yards. Packers: Aaron Rodgers praises Jordan Love. "Boy it's a good question; that's the million-dollar question," Favre said during an interview Wednesday on ESPN Wisconsin radio's Wilde & Tausch. Combining that with a few goofy putts off some scaffolding made for must-see TV. There was also the matter of finances. With room to work and a short head start, he could launch the ball as far and as fast as anyone youve ever seen. During that opening camp, then training camp two months later, Rodgers liked to brag about the 35 he scored on the Wonderlic, a test used by NFL teams to assess the aptitude of prospective employees. At this point, Mahomes makes the incredible look forgettable, and thats the ultimate compliment for any QB. If you utilize material unique to a Sports Reference Everything about the way he moves is compact, with almost all of his power coming from the way he creates torque with his hips and upper body. Favre sought out Rodgers weaknesses (a bad throw, a clumsy scramble) and took a selfish pleasure in noting them. Before long, experts were suggesting a quarterback change. His treatment of Rodgers was not. He was the state. Second, it limits the scope and rules out late-career Dan Marino, John Elway, and any other guys who might have played a significant chunk of their career in the 1980s. Tom Brady VS Aaron Rodgers; When compared to former quarterback Chris Simms, he has a 10.50-inch arm span. Rodgers tied Favre's franchise record of 442 touchdown passes last Sunday when he threw three in a 31-30 win over the Baltimore Ravens. This was hardly new terrain for veteran superstars, but Favre was thought to be different. Every NFL fan tends to go bonkers about QB stats and each athletes place in history. John Elway: Throwing up to 70 yards down the field right on the money says a lot about the strength of Elway's arm. Vindication is near and if Pennington and the Dolphins emerge victorious,the doubters of both Pennington and Aaron Rodgers will be silenced for atleast the rest of 2008. Hes also thrown 368 consecutive passes without being picked off, which is a new NFL record. Any change in the angle of the throw or the trajectory of the ball, and it would have fallen incomplete. ESPNs Ron Jaworski said the 49ers made the right call; that the delta between Smith and Rodgers was significant.. He had favorites. By steadying himself on his front leg, Rodgers is able to instantly stop his momentum in order to get under control and create torque in his upper body midstream. Proper nutrition provides athletes with the energy, nutrients and hydration they need to progress in their training and perform optimally. They're the only ones he really trusts. Hes a fire-breathing dragon who happens to play quarterback. When people talk about Vicks ability as a passer, they often point to the 88-yard, flick-of-the-wrist bomb he threw to DeSean Jackson against Washington in 2010. Rodgers tied Favre's record with three touchdown passes last week in Baltimore. His actions back up this philosophy. Tomlinson loved Rodgers openness. Rodgers is 2-7-1 in . Brett Favre has lived this. Possibly. The Packers lost the last time the NFC championship game was played at Lambeau Field. To power workouts and games, and to ensure a strong recovery, elite athletes take care to eat properly and to hydrate before, during and after workouts and competitions. aaron rodgers vs brett favre arm strength. He made one more NFC championship appearance with the Vikings, and that was a 31-28 loss on Jan. 24, 2010. Watching Favre was like watching a supremely talented Ryan Fitzpatrick all the headfirst dives and YOLO jump balls, combined with one of the best throwing arms in human history. Compare player statistics for: Quite bluntly, Favre knew the Packers were ready to move on from him. MJ and Heres Why. Sweet. Favre is 2-2 in NFC Championship games in the Green and Gold; Rodgers is 2-3. Seven weeks later, he hit on a mere 14 of 29 attempts (with two interceptions) as the Ravens smothered Green Bay, 48-3. In the second quarter of a matchup between the 10-1 Packers and 10-1 Cowboys that would ultimately . Brett Favre: The canon hand broke many fingers and gave Favre the nickname "the old gunslinger" for his exceptionally strong arm. Every time anyone posts a clip of Patrick Mahomes making an impossible throw, theres an inevitable handful of responses that Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre have been doing similar stuff for decades. He became very quiet, he ignored everybody. The only thing that rivaled that was the Super Bowl a few years later. When Mike Sherman came to Green Bay before the 2000 season, he envisioned working with Favre in the way Bill Walsh and Joe Montana did in San Franciscoa two-headed offensive football juggernaut. Green Bay Packers fans have undoubtedly been spoiled for the last 27 years as Aaron Rodgers took over once Brett Favre departed. Brady is the best qb of all time imo. Favre has some experience being a legendary Packers QB and then . Favre was mediocre at this earlier on in his career, but as he aged, his mobility predictably dwindled. Favre and Rodgers are two of the eight NFL players with multiple NFL MVP awards. Its not exactly the guru type of throwing that weve seen from some of these guys whove been teaching quarterbacks over the years, Rodgers told STACK. Favre and Rodgers is next. For Mahomes, the direction doesnt matter. Do you have a sports website? OK. Sports performance training is the physical and mental process of working toward specific athletic, performance or fitness goals through a regimented program. Aaron Rodgers has a chance to do something that hasn't been done since the 1996-97 season on Sunday. Over the years, everything quieted. Hes lost 3,596 yards while being the victim of a quarterback sack 530 different times. There's been some fun ones over the . The SPORTS REFERENCE and STATHEAD trademarks are owned exclusively by Sports Reference LLC. We present them here for purely educational purposes. For years, Ive said that Rodgers isnt a mortal human being. While you can see that Rodgers won four of the six rounds, one might argue that the varying importance of each category makes it a lot different, as a player can win games pretty much on intangibles alone (see: Tebow, Tim).
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